Dezi 5 dominates the DOMA’s 2016

Dezi 5 will be headlining at Tree’s Dallas for the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase. Sharing the bill with Cure for Paranoia, Straight Tequila Night and more. 

Dezi 5 is nominated for 4 Dallas Observer music awards: Best Male Vocalist, Best Live Act, Best Funk/R&B Act, & Best Pop Act. Please go to: http://2016musicawardspoll.dallasobserver.com/

Dezi 5 will be performing at Tree’s Dallas on December 3, 2016. Also, he will be performing at The Bomb Factory for the Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony with High Moon and Jess from the Jess&Wes show December 6, 2016 and it’s FREE!!!! 

Dezi 5 celebrates the birth date of “Crucifixion on the Dance Floor” 

You can purchase “Crucifixion on the Dance Floor” on iTunes, Googleplay, and Amazon. Also stream in SoundCloud, Spotify, TIDAL and more. 

(DALLAS, TEXAS – ; source: Dezi 5 Entertainment) – Dallas based glam pop powerhouse Dezi 5 released his highly anticipated debut EP on Friday October 30, 2015 ‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor,’ Dezi 5 brilliantly re-invents dance music for our time. A stunning creative leap into dimensions of ‘EDM, Trap, future disco, and 90s dance music,’. Through a period of self-exploration and creative liberation, the artist realized his love for dance music and began experimenting with electronic beats and avant-garde fashion. 

“Lose Control” single artwork designed by Dezi 5 & Eric Trich

“Dallas, Bitch!” single artwork designed by Dezi 5 

Crucifixion on the Dance Floor’ features the debut single, ‘LOSE CONTROL,’ an unapologetic club joint Dezi released last fall. The EP also features Dezi 5’s smash hit ‘Dallas, Bitch!’ a city anthem where he proclaims his love for Dallas. ‘Crucifixion on the Dance Floor,’ establishes Dezi’s place in the Dallas dance club scene. It’s a mesmerizing sound that evokes embellishments and excitement, energy and innovation that sets him apart as a dance artist. “I approached this EP with a ‘not too serious’ attitude,” said Dezi 5 of the recording process. “Recording these tracks was a blast, it’s a dance story of my life. The lyrical themes revolve around my personal experiences as a human being, overcoming my fear of releasing dance music and my own self-empowerment. The result was fun music guaranteed to make everyone smile and let it all go.”

Dezi 5 wouldn’t be the “Best Live Act” if it wasn’t for The Foolery…….

Photo taken by Daniel Hunter 

Dezi 5 has been playing with members of Friday’s Foolery for about a year. These guys are professionals and it’s amazing to see them flourish and get the recognition they deserve. I call them “The Foolery” because their lead singer JaQuay Morgan and their lead Guitarist Felix Tellez make the actual “Friday’s Foolery.” However, we are grateful to have these guys as musicians and partners of Dezi 5. 

This year they have been nominated for “Best Funk/R&B Act” by the Dallas Observer along with Dezi 5, Leon Bridges. We’ll see how that goes…… but I’m honored to be in the same category of my Band members. It shows how hard we all have been working. 

Dezi 5 drops underground Deep House single “3:00am”

As you know I am currently working on my 1st studio LP “Expose You” and in the mean time I would like to share with you this amazing feel good song. I am a huge fan of Deep House Music you will definitely here elements in “Expose You.”

Written by: Forest Brooks & Dezi 5

Produced by: Jonathan Thomas

Forest Brooks sent this track to me and he repeated 3:00am and I took the song and got with JT from Cure for Paranoia to interpret my feelings at 3:00am after a night of dancing at It’ll Do Club Dallas, Enjoy and share.

Vice Palace Bows Out Amidst a Tumultuous Year for Dallas’ DIY Music Community and they remember Dezi 5

I am Vice Palace and I appreciate the love……… being a performer you must take risk and break barriers…….. 
“We had a long conversation about the possible backlash he may face from that,” says Arthur Peña, the founder of Vice Palace and its Vice Palace Tapes cassette label. “I said, ‘Look we can’t have this show in a warehouse, we need the gallery to frame it,’” he says. “This performance was a vessel for conversation to happen. When Dezi gets up there and crucifies himself, the conversation that surrounds that is way bigger than Vice Palace.” – Arthur Peña

Take a look at the Dallas Observer article written by Alaena Hostetter 

Dezi 5 receives 4 Dallas Observer Nominations

The nomination polls went out to the club promoters, the media, art curators, and music lovers and on October 4, 2016 N.E. the 28th Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards. Dezi 5 was nominated for 4 categories: Best Male Vocalist, Best Funk/R&B Act, Best Live Act, & Best Pop Act. I am so honored to be nominated and I would love it if you all went and voted on the Observer Awards poll at 2016musicawardspoll.dallasobserver.com. Voting ends on December 2, 2o16 N.E. the day before the actual Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on December 6, 2016 N.E. at the Bomb Factory and it is free to the public…… so show up and show out.

Photo by: Mike Brooks for The Observer

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