Dezi 5 releases single “Expose You” 

Dezi 5 has released a new single

Available now via his SoundCloud, Dezi 5 releases “Expose You.” This is Dezi’s first single from his forthcoming album “Expose You” and third studio recorded single since 2015’s Crucifixion on the Dance Floor EP. The song was written by Justin Gabrielli and Dezi collaborated with Donny Domino for the vocals. John Stewart the mix_god mixed and mastered the track. Dezi 5 recorded his vocals at D O J O 4 5 with Donny Domino. 

Off the track “Expose You,” Dezi 5 stated: “You been going hard since Monday but on Sunday you can guarantee, hands folded eyes closed they’ll never know.” He says, “People are always quick to point their finger at someone else until they get EXPOSED. This song goes out to the Kim Burrells of the world who claim to accept homosexuality, but condemns them to their made up vision of HELL. I have to EXPOSE the straight man who sleeps with men but talks shit about homosexuals. I want to also EXPOSE all fake people who call themselves my friend or who claim to like my music, but talk bad about me to others……. yeah I sound petty but I’m human. People have been EXPOSING me my entire life it’s time for to EXPOSE YOU.” 

“Expose You” is available now for public stream, ENJOY!